2. About the band!

Ýttu hér til að sjá þetta á íslensku!

The band Skálmöld was founded in August 2009 by six Icelanders, Baldur, Björgvin, Gunnar, Jón Geir, Snæbjörn and Þráinn. Not all of them knew each other but they had it in common to be visible in Icelandic musical life in some way.

In the year of 2010, their first record „Baldur“ was published and became popular right away, both with people interested in rock music and others. Following that success, the record was published by a large Austrian publishing company named Napalm RecordsTheir popularity grew steadily and they have played in many concerts, both in Iceland and overseas. Their second record „Börn Loka“ was published in 2012.

Skálmöld´s lyrics are characterised by the style of Vikings and ancient Icelandic metre. The topic is battle and mythology and  the atmosphere is genuinely Icelandic. Skálmöld plays heavy metal music that is influenced by folk songs and new directions. The band enjoys playing at concerts because there they can fascinate the audience.

Skálmöld means : Age of terror!


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